Mission & Values

“In 1992, we wrote the following mission and values statements as a tool to guide our decision making as we grew as a company. Today, I am proud to say that not one word of those guiding principles needs to be updated or changed. They are still as relevant as they were at our founding.”

Jay Mount

Our Mission

MDS Communications provides high quality telephone fundraising services to many of the largest and most respected non-profit organizations, ministries and political/public policy causes in the United States. Our mission is to “lower the cost of telephone fundraising for non-profit organizations, whether they are MDS clients or not, and to be a catalyst for change in the fundraising industry.”

Our Values

• To uphold absolute integrity in all we do.
• To conduct ourselves in a manner that honors the commitment and sacrifices made by donors when they give to non-profit organizations.
• To treat our clients, their supporters, their prospective supporters and each other with the utmost respect.
• To conduct ourselves professionally at all times (that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun now and again).
• To examine our personal and professional actions in the context of our commitment to Christ.