why is mds different? we understand your needs.

MDS understands your needs because we were founded by the development director of a small non-profit organization, not a telemarketing professional. We know what it’s like to report to a board and use volunteers to complete office work. We understand the struggle to increase the size of a donor file when it’s so hard just maintaining the donors you already have. We get it.

That’s why we set up our relationships with our clients the way we do. We believe there should be no financial risk whatsoever to the non-profit organization. Every cent of the money received from donors gets mailed directly to the non-profit organization and then MDS is paid separately for our services.

The non-profit organization should always be in control. Our contracts have a one day cancellation clause. What does that mean? Basically, you can cancel your contract at any time for any reason. There is not another telephone fundraising company in the country who offers this level of control.

Why do we do this? First of all, because when you are talking about organizations funded through the generosity and sacrifice of others, it’s the right thing to do. But practically speaking, because we have incredible confidence that you will be satisfied with our results, customer service and pricing.

corporate overview

MDS Communications is one of the nation’s largest telephone fundraising providers. In fact, based upon state regulatory reporting websites, MDS has more registered non-profit clients than any other company in the country.

MDS was founded in 1992 by Jay Mount in Phoenix, Arizona. MDS has over 400 employees. MDS utilizes state of the art technology in the services we provide our clients and is PCI compliant. We serve over 100 national and regional non-profit organizations, the vast majority of which have been with us for many years.

MDS’s specialty is telephone fundraising for non-profit and political organizations, both outbound and inbound. In fact that is our SOLE focus. We do not work in for-profit commercial sales for the simple fact that we want to be the best at what we do!

That single-minded focus has allowed us to constantly work on enhancing our skills at raising money over the telephone. It has also allowed us to claim the title of “The Nation’s Top Performing Telephone Fundraising Company” when we beat our rivals in split tests over the past few years.

Mission & Values

“In 1992, we wrote the following mission and values statements as a tool to guide our decision making as we grew as a company. Today, I am proud to say that not one word of those guiding principles needs to be updated or changed. They are still as relevant as they were at our founding.”

Jay Mount

Our Mission

MDS Communications provides high quality telephone fundraising services to many of the largest and most respected non-profit organizations, ministries and political/public policy causes in the United States. Our mission is to “lower the cost of telephone fundraising for non-profit organizations, whether they are MDS clients or not, and to be a catalyst for change in the fundraising industry.”

Our Values

• To uphold absolute integrity in all we do.
• To conduct ourselves in a manner that honors the commitment and sacrifices made by donors when they give to non-profit organizations.
• To treat our clients, their supporters, their prospective supporters and each other with the utmost respect.
• To conduct ourselves professionally at all times (that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun now and again).
• To examine our personal and professional actions in the context of our commitment to Christ.

Corporate Philosophy

At MDS, we work hard to constantly implement new strategies and work towards better end results for our clients. We are always asking questions like: “Why?” and “What if?” Our goal is to do things a little bit better today than we did yesterday.

Our standard is not based upon how our competitors perform. Our standard is based only on what we know we could do. We don’t believe that we’ve ever “done our best”. We believe there’s always a way to do something a little bit better. And we’re constantly striving to find that one thing.


We get to support causes that make a difference. That’s our passion. That is what drives us in our pursuit of excellence. It is why the people of MDS Communications work here instead of somewhere else, from the owner down to the newest Telephone Fundraising Specialist.

We are very selective about what non-profit organizations we work with. We are not hired guns or mercenaries. If we can’t get excited about a non-profits mission, we will pass on the work.