MDS specializes in both outbound and inbound fundraising calls for renewal, reactivation and acquisition efforts. For each MDS calling campaign our Account Management team determines, with your organization, what the objective of the calling effort is and build a strategy to best meet that goal.

Renewal Calling


Current Donor Single Gift Call

The most common renewal effort we conduct is a call that asks donors to renew their support with a one-time gift. The script includes a strong thank you for the donor's previous support and an opportunity to give again. We recommend a multi-channel effort that uses messaging similar to what the donor is seeing in the mail, web, etc. from the organization.

New Donor Call

Acquiring a second gift from a new donor is crucial. Using the phone as a thank you and an opportunity to invite the donor to give again is very successful. MDS regularly contacts new donors with the objective of getting the second gift or to become a sustainer donor.

Sustainer Call

MDS contacts donors to invite them to become a sustainer donor. Select segments of the current donor file can be contacted to invite donors to an organization's monthly giving program. In addition, MDS is very effective in contacting current sustainer donors and asking them to increase their monthly support. These calls are designed to first be a thank you call to the donor for the ongoing support they provide with the upgrade ask being secondary.

Thank you/Welcome Call

MDS utilizes the phones for contacting supporters with non-fundraising messages such as thank you calls, welcome calls, survey calls, etc. This is a high level call where the objective is not to raise immediate revenue, but instead to build a strong relationship with the donor that helps to further connect them to the organization.

Reactivation Calling

Lapsed donor reactivation is vital to the health of any donor file. The phone is a very successful tool for regaining the support of past donors. If a donor has received mail for more than a year or two and hasn't given a single gift, it is clearly time to try another approach. The high level touch of a telephone call is often exactly what the donor needs to resume their support.

MDS has built our pricing structure to allow non-profit organizations to go deeper into their lapsed files and reactivate more lapsed supporters. We understand the great value in reactivation and that is why our pricing to this segment of the file is less expensive than for current donor calling.

MDS uses data analysis to determine the best segments to penetrate in a lapsed calling effort. We are able to adjust the call strategy to match your objectives whether it is aggressive reactivation with lower revenue or less aggressive reactivation and higher revenue. The flexibility of telephone fundraising allows us to make immediate changes to meet the goals for the campaign.

Acquisition calling

If you aren't growing you are dying. In order to grow, it is essential to continually be acquiring new donors to your organization. Most organizations have a list of people that have shown an interest in the organization at some point but have not made the next step to become a financial supporter. MDS uses the phone to contact these potential donors in an attempt to acquire a gift.

In addition we have extensive experience in rental list acquisition. MDS works with the top list vendors in the country to identify the best prospects for your organization to contact by phone with an acquisition effort.

Inbound Telephone Fundraising

Is your organization using radio, DRTV, print ads, or the web to drive interest and support to your organization? If so, MDS can offer our fundraising expertise to your effort by taking those inbound calls. MDS' top performance isn't just in outbound calling. We are one of the best in the industry for receiving calls from your current and potential supporters and acquiring a gift.

Mailing Services

MDS has our own on-site mailing center. On top of the tens of thousands of telephone pledge and follow-up letters we send each week, MDS is able to provide mailing services for special mailing efforts.